Alan Van Dievoet: Epitaph of the Innocent (From Latin)

Epitaph of the Innocent
(For those slaughtered in the twin towers on 9/11)
By Alain Van Dievoet
Translated by A.Z. Foreman
Click to hear me recite the original Latin

Travelers, pass and tell the outstretched earth
How we the innocent lie heaped beneath it,
Calm citizens, calm mothers and calm fathers.
Our hearts were empty of all rage that day
Death out of spite ripped us out of life's work:
Now we in heaven are a constellation. 

The Original:

Epitaphium Innocentium
(In Turribus Gemellis Novi Eboraci Atrociter Interfectorum)
Die 11 m. Sept. an. 2001.
Alanus Divutius

Ite viatores et mundo dicite vasto
nos hic innocuos mole iacere sub hac,
nos cives placidos, patres matresque quietos.
Cordibus in nostris nullum odium fuerat.
Nosque laborantes rapuit mors invidiosa,
nunc sumus heroes, nunc sumus astra poli.

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