Hafiz: Ghazal 164 "Love Gone" (From Persian)

Ghazal 164: Love Gone
By Hafiz

Can I not turn to anyone? Where have the loyal lovers gone? 
 When did the days of friendship end? Why have the friends of men withdrawn?
The liquor of life has turned grime-dark.   Where's green Khizr in our hour of need? 
 All color drained out of the rose.  Where are the winds of spring and dawn?
None says "our fellows have the right to love as much as anyone" 
 Where are those friends who knew what's right, who loved and did as should be done?
The mines of gracious adamance for years have yielded not one gem. 
 Where is the touch of breeze and rain? Where now the beaming of the sun?
This was a noble lovers' town, this soil the country of kind men. 
 When did the rule of kindness end? How was nobility undone? 
The ball of magnanimity is thrown out on the polo grounds. 
 No riders come to strike it now. Where is our every champion?
A hundred thousand roses bloomed,  not one bird rose for them in song.  
 What stopped a thousand nightingales?  What happened to that unison? 
The music of the spheres is out of tune. Has Venus torched her harp?
  No one is keen on drinking now. Why are drunken revelers gone?
    Hafiz! Nobody can divine the Lord's mysterious sways. Stop asking.  
    Who can say how the wheeling times  in this strange revolution run?

The Original:

یاری اندر کس نمی‌بینیم یاران را چه شد
دوستی کی آخر آمد دوستداران را چه شد
آب حیوان تیره گون شد خضر فرخ پی کجاست
گل بگشت از رنگ خود باد بهاران را چه شد
کس نمی‌گوید که یاری داشت حق دوستی
حق شناسان را چه حال افتاد یاران را چه شد
لعلی از کان مروت برنیامد سال‌هاست
تابش خورشید و سعی باد و باران را چه شد
شهر یاران بود و خاک مهربانان این دیار
مهربانی کی سر آمد شهریاران را چه شد
گوی توفیق و کرامت در میان افکنده‌اند
کس به میدان در نمی‌آید سواران را چه شد
صد هزاران گل شکفت و بانگ مرغی برنخاست
عندلیبان را چه پیش آمد هزاران را چه شد
زهره سازی خوش نمی‌سازد مگر عودش بسوخت
کس ندارد ذوق مستی میگساران را چه شد
حافظ اسرار الهی کس نمی‌داند خموش
از که می‌پرسی که دور روزگاران را چه شد

Tajik Cyrillic:

Ёрӣ андар кас намебинем, ёронро чӣ шуд? 
Дӯстӣ кай охир омад, дӯстдоронро чӣ шуд? 
Оби ҳайвон тирагун шуд, Хизри фаррухпай куҷост? 
Гул бигашт аз ранги худ, боди баҳоронро чӣ шуд? 
Кас намегӯяд, ки ёре дошт ҳаққи дӯстӣ, 
Ҳақшиносонро чӣ ҳол афтод, ёронро чӣ шуд? 
Лаъле аз кони мурувват барнаёмад, солҳост, 
Тобиши хуршеду саъйи боду боронро чӣ шуд? 
Шаҳри ёрон буду хоки меҳрубонон ин диёр, 
Меҳрубонӣ кай саромад, шаҳриёнро чӣ шуд? 
Гӯи тавфиқу каромат дар миён афгандаанд, 
Кас ба майдон дарнамеояд, саворонро чӣ шуд? 
Сад ҳазорон гул шукуфту бонги мурғе барнахост, 
Андалебонро чӣ пеш омад, ҳазоронро чӣ шуд? 
Зӯҳра созе хуш намесозад, магар удаш бисӯхт, 
Кас надорад завқи мастӣ, майгусоронро чӣ шуд? 
Ҳофиз, асрори илоҳӣ кас намедонад, хамӯш! 
Аз кӣ мепурсӣ, ки даври рӯзгоронро чӣ шуд?


  1. Hello! How are u? I'm Brazilian and I need to do a seminar about ghazal, i would like to use Hafiz poems, but we need to do - besides other things - an structural analysis (rhymes, 'Beher', 'Radif' and so on). For this, i will need of a version wrote in Latin alphabet. I search in the web, i tried to change the Persian or Urdu on online Latin alphabet converters but nothing work. I find some ghazal also in Latin alphabet, but i could not translate them...So, would u have some ghazal with English translation and with the original one in persian and Latin alphabet? Thank u =)

  2. I believe this would be excellent if sung - Pete Seeger's "Where Have All the Flowers Gone" almost fits in theme and meter! :P

  3. Actually I had that very phrase in mind when I translated the poem. I couldn't help it, really. Yārān rā che shod ("Where have all the lovers gone" or more literally "What has become of the lovers") is very close in threnodic mood to that. Also "Ou sont les neiges d'antan" in a way.

  4. Actually this ghazal has been sung by one of Iranian grand masters of traditional singing, Shajarian (شجریان ). The name of the album is Bidad (بیداد) meaning tyranny. Here is the link to it on youtube.


    If you like this song it is in "Homayoun" همایون scale and the whole album is a masterpiece.