Hafiz: Ghazal 186 "Entreaty to Fakhr-al-Din Abdul Samad" (From Persian)

Ghazal 186: Entreaty to Fakhr-al-Din Abdul-Samad
By Hafiz
Translated by A.Z. Foreman
With an assist from Julie Scott Meisami's version found in her Structure and Meaning in Medieval Arabic and Persian Lyric Poetry 

O who will be the noble man
to treat me well and loyally    
And just this once do a good turn 
   for such a no-good wretch as me, 
Will first, as flute and reedpipe play,
his message to my heart convey
And with a single winecup pay 
   me a true act of courtesy?
That heartswipe who wears down my soul 
retains my heart in his control.   
I can't lose hope. Might he console 
   my heart and treat it lovingly?
Said I: the day has yet to pass 
when I let your hair loose at last.    
Said he to me: it's playing fast 
   and loose with you by my decree.
The straight and narrow Sufi's mind,
when love stands in plain sight, is blind.   

Tell of being wasted. Help him find 
   cause to forsake sobriety.    
Love grand as this proved hard to win, 
poor beggar that I've always been.   
What Sultan takes a street-lout in
   to play and pleasure secretly?
From that sweet, curling crown of hair 
no tyranny is hard to bear.    
What shame in bonds and chains is there 
   for one who's lived by knavery?
Grief's countless legions stand arrayed.  
From Fortune I importune aid.    
May gracious Fakhr-al-Dīn be swayed
   to ease my grief with sympathy.
 Stay back, Hafez. Don't even try 
 engaging that spellbinding eye.   
 Those curling locks, like dark night's sky 
    are roiling with much trickery.

The Original

آن کیست کز روی کرم با ما وفاداری کند  بر جای بدکاری چو من یک دم نکوکاری کند
اول به بانگ نای و نی آرد به دل پیغام وی  وانگه به یک پیمانه می با من وفاداری کند
دلبر که جان فرسود از او کام دلم نگشود از او  نومید نتوان بود از او باشد که دلداری کند
گفتم گره نگشوده‌ام زان طره تا من بوده‌ام  گفتا منش فرموده‌ام تا با تو طراری کند
پشمینه پوش تندخو از عشق نشنیده‌است بو از مستیش رمزی بگو تا ترک هشیاری کند
چون من گدای بی‌نشان مشکل بود یاری چنان سلطان کجا عیش نهان با رند بازاری کند
زان طره پرپیچ و خم سهل است اگر بینم ستم از بند و زنجیرش چه غم هر کس که عیاری کند
شد لشکر غم بی عدد از بخت می‌خواهم مدد تا فخر دین عبدالصمد باشد که غمخواری کند
با چشم پرنیرنگ او حافظ مکن آهنگ او
 کان طره شبرنگ او بسیار طراری کند

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