Enric Espieut: A Tombstone For Lorca (From Occitan)

Aliscamps, 1949: A Tombstone For Lorca
Enric Espieut
Translated by A.Z. Foreman

Waters dark and placatory
shrouded face's somber eye
not a dove upon the rooftop
where now...where now is the sky?

Waters dark and melancholy

impetus turned indolence
waters dead and stagnant witnessed
gliding creeping revenants

Waters dead and stagnant bury
deep a death, an echo young
waters round a heart they cradle
round a heart that holds the song

round a heart of limpid yearning
pumping seaward out of Spain

down the riverway in silence
all a bloodline fallen drained

Nothing but the human eye
cannot see that day is done
here three times the owl has circled

in a soul now sealed from sun

Be remembered Federico
and the girls of Andalus
and saint glory in excelsis

the gendarmerie let loose

Savage groans spurt of a sudden,
unborn laughs now smothered dumb
Pilgrimages' retribution
Aliscamps* of the time come

*The Aliscamps is a large Roman necropolis in Arle, France. The name is Occitan for "Elysian Fields."

Audio of me reciting this poem in Occitan

The Original:

Aliscamps, 1949
Ataüt per Federico García Lorca
Enric Espieut

D’aigas negras pausadissas
cara sorna en cuberceu
ges de tortora i teulissas
mai ont es, ont es lo cèu?

D’aigas negras malancònias
estadissas dins son vam,
d’aigas mòrtas testimònias
que i esquilhan de trevants,

d’aigas mòrta’ aclaparelas
d’una mòrt e d’un ressòn
d’aigas d’un còr bressarelas
d’un còr que ten la cançon,

d’un còr de linda voléncia
que rebala au grand valat
long dau flume de silénci
tot un sang despoderat,

I a que la cara omenenca
per pas veire qu’es plus jorn,
dins l’anma sensa solenca
la machòta fait tres torns.

Ô Frederic de memòria
li filhas d’Al-Andalós
e la sobre-santa glòria
lis argusins ton esposc.

E gisclan gemecs sauvatges
un rire qu’es pas nascut
revenge de romavatges
Aliscamps dau temps vengut

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