Sa'di: Golestan 1.2 (From Persian)

From the Golestan: Chapter 1, Story 2
By Sa'di
Translated by A.Z. Foreman

One of the Kings of Khorasan had a dream in which he saw Sabüktegin's son Mahmoud, his body all rotted apart and turned to dust — all except for his eyes, which kept on turning and looking round about inside their sockets. It was a dream none of the wise men had it in him to interpret, but a dervish spoke up and said he is still worried that his lands are now in others' hands.

Beneath this earth lie men of fame whose days
Existing on this earth have left no trace. 
The carcass they bequeathed to clay is gone,
Devoured by dirt that left no bit of bone. 
Noshirvan's name still lives for justice, though
His sweet soul ceased existing long ago. 
Live well, do good — whoever you are — before
The cry goes out that you are you no more.

Audio of me reciting the text in Persian

The Original: 

یکی از ملوک خراسان محمود سبکتکین را به خواب چنان دید که جمله وجود او ریخته بود و خاک شده مگر چشمان او که همچنان در چشم خانه همی‌گردید نظر مى گرد. سایر حکما از تأویل این فرو ماندند مگر درویشی که به جای آورد و گفت هنوز نگران است که ملکش با دگرانست.

بس نامور به زیر زمین دفن کرده‌اند
کز هستیش به روی زمین بر نشان نماند
وان پیر لاشه را که سپردند زیر گل
خاکش چنان بخورد کزو استخوان نماند
زنده است نام فرّخ نوشین روان به خیر
گر چه بسی گذشت که نوشین روان نماند
خیری کن ای فلان و غنیمت شمار عمر
زان پیشتر که بانگ بر آید فلان نماند

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