Litany Against Fear (from Gothic)

An ancient Gothic war-prayer that Fritigern had his men recite before doing battle with the Romans.

Well, it was either the Goths or the Bene Gesserit. Can't quite remember which.

Gothic Litany Against Fear
"Translated" by A.Z. Foreman

I shall not fear
for fear is minddoom. 
Fear is the spirit-slayer
and vile smalldeath 
that ceaselessly slays 
and knifes up the soul. 
Fear is everdeath 
that obliterates for a lifetime. 
But fearless I die 
simply of a sudden. 
Yea, fearless I perish
in a prick of time. 
Come Tiw lead me
 on a day of Tiw 
while war is vaulting 
in the veins of men. 
My blood bless you: 
embolden my bonehouse 
against the cloud of swords 
across the earth.
I shall not fear. 
See fully, my eyes.  

The "Original":

𐌽𐌹 πƒπŒΊπŒ°πŒ» 𐌹𐌺 π‰πŒ²πŒ°πŒ½ πŒΉπƒπ„ 𐌰𐌿𐌺 πŒ°πŒ²πŒΉπƒ πŒΌπŒΏπŒ½πŒ°πŒ΅πŒΉπƒπ„πŒ΄πŒΉπŒ½πƒ
πŒ°πŒ²πŒΉπƒ πŒΉπƒπ„ πŒ°πŒ·πŒ°πŒΌπŒ°πŒΏπ‚πŒΈπ‚πŒΎπŒ° 𐌾𐌰𐌷 πƒπŒ° πŒ°π‚πŒΌπŒ°πŒ³πŒ°πŒΏπŒΈπŒΉπŒ»π‰
πƒπŒ°πŒ΄πŒΉ πŒ°π†πƒπŒ»πŒ°πŒ·πŒΉπŒΈ πƒπŒΉπŒ½π„πŒ΄πŒΉπŒ½π‰ πŒΏπ†πŒΏπŒ·πƒπŒ½πŒ΄πŒΉπŒΈπŒΉπŒΈ πƒπŒ°πŒΉπ…πŒ°πŒ»πŒ°πŒΉ
πŒΉπƒπ„ πŒ°πŒ²πŒΉπƒ πŒ°πŒΎπŒΏπŒΊπŒ³πŒ°πŒΏπŒΈπŒΏπƒ πƒπŒ°πŒ΄πŒΉ 𐌰𐌻𐌳𐌰𐌹 π†π‚πŒ°πŒ΅πŒΉπƒπ„πŒ΄πŒΉπŒΈ
𐌰𐌺𐌴𐌹 πŒΏπŒ½πŒ°πŒ²πƒ πŒ³πŒΉπ…πŒ° 𐌹𐌺 πŒ°πŒΉπŒ½π†πŒ°πŒ»πŒΈπŒ°πŒ±πŒ° πŒ°πŒ½πŒ°πŒΊπƒ
𐌾𐌰𐌹 πŒΏπŒ½πŒ°πŒ²πƒ πƒπ…πŒ°πŒ»π„ 𐌹𐌺 𐌹𐌽 πƒπ„πŒΉπŒΊπŒ° πŒΌπŒ΄πŒ»πŒΉπƒ
πŒ·πŒΉπ‚πŒΉ π„πŒ΄πŒΉπ… 𐌼𐌹𐌺 π„πŒΉπŒΏπŒ· π„πŒ΄πŒΉπ…πŒΉπƒ πŒ³πŒ°πŒ²πŒΉπƒ
𐌼𐌹𐌸𐌸𐌰𐌽𐌴𐌹 π…πŒ°πŒ²πŒΎπŒΉπŒΈ π…πŒ΄πŒΉπŒ²πƒ 𐌹𐌽 π…πŒ°πŒΉπ‚πŒ΄πŒ³π‚π‰πŒΌ
𐌸𐌿𐌺 πŒ±πŒ»π‰π„πŒ°πŒΉ 𐌼𐌴𐌹𐌽 πŒ±πŒ»π‰πŒΈ 𐌼𐌴𐌹𐌽 πŒ±πŒ°πŒΉπŒ½πŒ·πŒΏπƒ 𐌱𐌹𐌱𐌰𐌻𐌸𐌴𐌹
𐌰𐌽𐌰 πŒΌπŒ΄πŒΊπŒ΄πŒΉπƒ 𐌼𐌹𐌻𐌷𐌼𐌰𐌽 πŒΏπ†πŒ°π‚ πŒΌπŒΉπŒ³πŒΎπŒΏπŒ½πŒ²πŒ°π‚πŒ³
𐌽𐌹 πƒπŒΊπŒ°πŒ» 𐌹𐌺 π‰πŒ²πŒ°πŒ½ πŒ°πŒΏπŒ²π‰πŒ½πŒ° πŒ²πŒ°πƒπŒ°πŒΉπˆπŒ°π„πƒ

NΔ« skal ik ōgan 
ist auk agis munaqisteins
agis ist ahamaurΓΎrja  
jah sa armadauþilō
saei afslahiΓΎ sinteinō  
ufuhsneiΓΎiΓΎ saiwalai
ist ja agis ajukdauΓΎus  
saei aldai fraqisteiΓΎ
akei unags diwa ik  
ainafalΓΎaba anaks
jai unags swalt ik 
in stika mΔ“lis
Hiri Teiw mik tiuh 
Teiwis dagis
miΓΎΓΎanei wagjiΓΎ weigs 
in wairΔ“ΓΎrōm
ΓΎuk blōtai mein blōþ  
mein bainhΕ«s bibalΓΎei
ana mΔ“keis milhman 
ufar midjungard
Ni skal ik ōgan.  
Augōna, gasaiΖ•ats.

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