Eugenio Montale: "Many a year..." (From Italian)

"Many a Year..."
By Eugenio Montale
Translated by A.Z. Foreman

Many a year and one still harder drag on
Over the foreign lake the sunset burns on.
Then you came down from the mountains
To bring me Saint George and the Dragon.

If only I could print them on the flag
Aflutter with the whiplash of east wind
In the heart... And descend for you in a maelstrom
Of fidelity, turned deathless.

The Original:

Molti anni
Eugenio Montale

Molti anni, e uno più duro sopra il lago
straniero su cui ardono i tramonti.
Poi scendesti dai monti a riportarmi
San Giorgio e il Drago.

Iprimerli potessi sul palvese
che s’agita alla frusta del grecale
in cuore... E per te scendere in un gorgo
di fedeltà, immortale


  1. This is a pleasure to read, and the rhythm is subtle and consonant with the flow of the translated lines.

    Thank you!