Nizar Qabbani: At Zero (From Arabic)

At Zero
By Nizar Qabbani
Translated by A.Z. Foreman
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We have come to zero.
What'll I say? What'll you say?
The topics now are one and alike.
Back is front as front is back.
We have come to the apex of despair
Beneath the bullet of the sky
Where embraces are reprisals
And love-making is the aching of an eye for an eye.

The Original:

نقطة الصفر
نزار قباني

وصلنا الى نقطة الصفر
ماذا اقول؟ وماذا تقولين؟
كل المواضيع صارت سواء
وصار الوراء اماماً
وصار الامام وراء
وصلنا الى ذروة اليأس
حيث السماء رصاص
وحيث العناق قصاص
وحيث ممارسة الجنس...اقسى جزاء

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