Adunis: The Seven Days (From Arabic)

If you know Arabic you'll notice I took some liberty with the first line- so as to make the Biblical allusion more obvious.

The Seven Days
By Adunis (aka Ali Ahmad Said)
Translated by A.Z. Foreman
Click to hear me recite the original Arabic

O Mother, mock not
My love, my hatred.
For in seven days you were created
And created the horizon, the waves
And the song's plume.

My seven days are a crow and a wound
So why the mystery in the end
When I like you am earth and wind?

The Original:

الأيام السبعة

أيها الأم التي تسخر
من حبي ومقتي
أنتِ في سبعة أيام خُلِقتِ
فخلَقْتِ الموج والأفق
وريش الأغنيه،

وأنا أيامي السبعة جُرحٌ وغراب
فلماذا الأُحجيه
وأنا مثلكِ ريحٌ وتراب؟

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  1. Thank you so much for the translation of this poem.  I had translated it before myself using software, but this is way better.