Over the past four years, this blog has come to acquire more and more things less and less related to verse-translation: essays, translations of prose, original poems and so forth. I have decided that these things need a blog of their own where I wouldn't worry about swindling the expectant reader with too many posts that were not translations of poetry. Such a blog has been created and much of the extraneous material moved from this blog to that one. Apologies in advance to all those who will suffer from dead-link-rot because of this. In any event, to read things of mine that are not strictly translations of poetry and reviews of poetry translations, you should head on over to The bLogicarian, a more eclect.

Note well that my posting Poems Found In Translation will continue as well, but it will be limited to poetry translations. Everything else, including essays and translations of prose, will be hosted at The bLogicarian.

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