Amal Al-Jubouri: "Veil of Religions" (From Arabic)

Yeah, good question. Why did He? Maybe third time's the charm.  

The Veil of Religions
By Amal Al-Jubouri
Translated by A.Z. Foreman

If You are One
And Your teachings are one,
Why did You engrave our infancy in the tablets of the Torah,
And ornament our youth with the Gospels
Only to erase all that in Your Final Book?
Why did You draw us, the ones who acknowledge Your Oneness,
Into disagreement?
Why did You multiply in us 
When You are the One and Only? 

The Original:

حجاب الاديان
امل الجبوري

إنْ كُنتَ واحدا
وتعاليمك و احدة
فلماذا كَتَبْتَ طفولاتنا في التوراة
وزيَّنتَ لها شبابَنا في الانجيل
 ومحَوتَ كل ذلك في كتابك الاخير
لماذا سحبتنا نحن الموحدين فيك 
الى الاختلاف
و لماذا تعددت فينا 
وانت الواحد الاحد 

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