Anjela Duval: Earth's Quake (From Breton)

Earth's Quakes
By Anjela Duval
Translated by A.Z. Foreman

The earth quakes and quakes
Is it quaking with cold?
With rage? With fear? With hunger?
It quakes and it quakes
Like a drugged man? A drunkard?
No, the earth quakes from shock
Shock at man
At the science of man.
At the greed of man and all he makes
The earth quakes, quakes and quakes.

The Original:

An Douar a Gren

… An douar a gren, a gren…
A gren gant anoued ?
A gren gant kounnar ?
Pe gant aon ? Pe gant an naon ?
An douar a gren, a gren
’Vel ur mezvier ? Pe un ampleged ?
An douar a gren gant ar Spont !
Gant spont rak an Den
Rak gouiziegezh an Den
Rak fallagriezh an Den
An douar a gren, a gren, a gren…

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