Anon: On Injustice (From Hebrew)

On Injustice
Fragment from the Dead Sea Scrolls. IQ27, Fragment 1, Col. 1.
Translated by A.Z. Foreman

Do not all peoples loathe injustice?
Yet all of them commit it.
Do not the mouths of all nations exalt truth?
Yet is there a lip or tongue that holds to it?
What nation would wish to be oppressed by a mightier one?
And who would wish to be wickedly plundered?
Yet where is the nation that has not oppressed its neighbor? 
Where the people that has not plundered another? 

The Original:

הלא כל העמים שנאו עול?
וביד כלמה יתהלך.
הלא מפי כל לאמים שמע האמת?
היש שפה ולשון מחזקת בה?
מי גוי חפץ אשר יעשקנו חזק ממנו?
מי יחפץ כי יגזל ברשע הונו?
מי גוי אשר לא עשק רעהו?
איפה עם אשר לא גזל הון לאחד?

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