Catullus: Poem 34 "Prayer to Diana" (From Latin)

Poem 34: Prayer to Diana
By Gaius Valerius Catullus
Translated by A.Z. Foreman
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We are unmarried youths and maidens  
In Diana's strength secure  
And as befits us, youths and maidens  
Let us now sing of Her.  
We sing to You, Latona's daughter,   
Great child of greatest Jove
Whose mother gave You birth within  
A Delian olive grove,
To be the mistress of the mountains  
and greening woods, to rule
wild hidden hinterlands, the resonant  
river, the calm deep pool. 
Women in labor crying out  
call You light-bringer Juno.
But You are Crossroad Trivia too  
And the light-borrowing Luna. 
In monthly measures you divide  
The year's course, usher back
The bounty harvest of the farmer  
Into his rural shack.
By any name you choose be pleased  
With this our worship. Hold
The Roman Race safe in your strength  
As once you did of old. 

The Original:

Dīānae sumus in fide  
puellae et puerī integrī:  
Dīānam puerī integrī  
puellaeque canāmus.
ō Lātōnia, maximī         
magna prōgeniēs Iovis,  
quam māter prope Dēliam  
dēposīvit olīvam,
montium domina ut forēs  
silvārumque virentium          
saltuumque reconditōrum  
amniumque sonantum:
tū Lūcīna dolentibus  
Iūnō dicta puerperīs,  
tū potēns Trivia et nothō es          
dicta lūmine Lūna.
tū cursū, dea, mēnstruō  
mētiēns iter annuum,  
rūstica agricolae bonīs  
tēcta frūgibus explēs.    
sīs quōcumque tibi placet  
sāncta nōmine, Rōmulīque,  
antīquē ut solita es, bona  
sōspitēs ope gentem.

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