Molière: Alceste Has Had It With The Bullshit "The Misanthrope" (From French)

A brief passage (Act I, lines 85-95) from Molière's Le Misanthrope. Translated, somewhat freely, for no other reason than that I sometimes know exactly how Alceste feels. If humans are equal in anything it is their ability to inspire disdain. As a friend of mine put it, regardless of race, creed, or national origin, I hate humans. 
I also love humans, generally and paradoxically for the same reasons that I hate them (which is, incidentally, also true of Alceste in Molière's play, if you read carefully.) 
The word "bullshit" has no exact warrant in Molière's French (the original says literally, and rather more decorously, "I can't take it anymore. I'm furious.") Though the English word "bullshit" does encapsulate, more or less precisely, the kind of foolishness, duplicity, affectation and unconcern with the truth which Alceste gets progressively more fed up with over the course of the play. 

From The Misanthrope: Alceste Has Had It With The Bullshit
By Molière
Translated by A.Z. Foreman

It is no joke, believe you me.
On this point, I let no one off scot free. 
Too much has scarred my eyes. All I have seen
In court or town just irritates my spleen.
I fall to dark depression at the view
Of humans interacting as they do. 
Everywhere: sycophantic flattery,
Self-interest, cons, injustice, treachery...
I've had it with the bullshit, and my mind
Is set on breaking up with all mankind.

The Original:

Je ne me moque point,
Et je vais n’épargner personne sur ce point.
Mes yeux sont trop blessés, et la cour et la ville
Ne m’offrent rien qu’objets à m’échauffer la bile ;
J’entre en une humeur noire, en un chagrin profond,
Quand je vois vivre entre eux les hommes comme ils font ;
Je ne trouve partout que lâche flatterie,
Qu’injustice, intérêt, trahison, fourberie ;
Je n’y puis plus tenir, j’enrage ; et mon dessein
Est de rompre en visière à tout le genre humain.

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