Rotland Pecot: Passer-By at Cuzco (From Occitan)

Passer-by at Cuzco
By Rotland Pecot
Translated by A.Z. Foreman

The stones up there that saw you pass
Do not hold the reflected light 
Or rumbled echoes of your fight.
Altitude wore you down at last. 

Your doppelgänger stayed behind. 
Your thoughts are split in games of risk
And the cold light is blown to bits
Which you had anchored in the wind. 

Atahualpa's Sacsayhuamán,
A green Atlantis under blood,
Does not remember what it was
Since the setting of its last sun.

But be your hand right on the mark
At which the orphan in your dark
Dream will take aim, and take revenge 
For all your people dispossessed.

Audio of me reciting this poem in Occitan

The Original:

Lo passejaire de Cuzco

Lei pèiras que t’an vist passar
An pas servat ni lo rebat
Ni lo resson de tei combats.
L’autura t’aviá alassat.

Ton doble amont es demorat.
As l’èime entre quatre Cantons
Lo lum freg, trencat a quartons,
Dins leis auras l’as ancorat.

Sacsayhuaman d’Ataualpà,
Atlantida verda de sang,
Dempuei qu’anèron s’ajaçant,
Lei soleus, se reconeis pas.

Mas ta man sàpia destriar
La tòca que dins son pantais
L’orfanèu afusta a bèu talh
Per son pòble despatriat.

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