Johann Gaetner: Lullaby (From Latin)

Johann Gaetner
Translated by A.Z. Foreman

Sleep son, go to sleep. 
Some people say
That life is beautiful. 
They don't know either way. 

Sleep son, go to sleep.
A day shall come 
When you will have
A far more plentiful calm. 

Sleep son. Go to sleep,
My boy of light.
Soon I, then you, will meet
The last and kindest night. 

The Original:

Johannes Gaetner

Dormi, mi fili, dormi –
sunt qui dicunt
vitam beatam esse:
dicunt, dicant, nesciunt.

Dormi, mi fili, dormi –
veniet dies
quo tibi erit
larga, largissima quies.

Dormi, mi fili, dormi –
aderit mox
mihi, tum tibi
ultima, optima nox.

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