Eugenio Montale: Bagni di Lucca (From Italian)

Bagni di Lucca
By Eugenio Montale
Translated by A.Z. Foreman
(No recording, as my cold has yet to disappear entirely)

Between the thud of chestnuts
And the thunderous hum of weather
That heaves their sounds together,
The heart hesitates.

Precocious winter’s polar wind
Sets things ashiver. My eyes
Look over the ledge that lets
Daylight dissolve into ice.

Marble, branches...
At a touch
the leaves like arrows launch
to the ditch with a twist.
The final herd heads by, their breath a part
of the rising mist.

The Original:

Bagni di Lucca

Fra il tonfo dei marroni
e il gemito del torrente
che uniscono i loro suoni
èsita il cuore.

Precoce inverno che borea
abbrividisce. M’affaccio
sul ciglio che scioglie l’albore
del giorno nel ghiaccio.

Marmi, rameggi
e ad uno scrollo giù
foglie a èlice, a freccia,
nel fossato.

Passa l’ultima greggia nella nebbia
del suo fiato.

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  1. I am constantly unhappy with almost all the translations of Montale's work - its music lost in translation together with its visual power. Yours are excellent instead!


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