Florindo di Monaco: Macchu Picchu (From Latin)

Machu Picchu
By Florindo di Monaco
Translated by A.Z. Foreman

Clouds are wreathed in rays as they blank the stars out,
Shining. Here all time for all time is silent.
Grasping for gods lie the uprisen boulders
Muted in prayer.

Where are the sound deeds of a throned almighty?
Where did the power go beyond the people?
Menacing riddles shock away the coward
Heart of the ages.

The Original:

Cacumina Andina “Alturas de Machu Picchu” dicta

Nūbium candēns prohibet corōna
astra mīrārī. Silet omne tempus.
Caelitēs mūtīs precibus sequuntur
ēdita saxa.

Quō facultātēs soliī suprēmī,
magna quō fūgit populī potestās?
Īnstat arcānum pavidīs fugācis
cordibus aevī.

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