Šemšo Advić: Night Falls (From Xoraxane Romani)

Night Falls
By Šemšo Advić
Translated by A.Z. Foreman

I sit and watch the Gypsy caravans,
Dark has fallen
And I can't see my fingers in front of me,
A fire burns in front of every caravan. 
Everybody runs and laughs carefree.
You can hear the violins
Let fly the wistful Gypsy songs.
Everybody listening
Takes such pleasure in them,
But they do not know that we the Roma
Cry in every song
To express our grief. 
All along
These people will never know
They take such pleasure from our grief. 

The Original:

Rać Perel

Bešav the dikhav but řomane kampine
ni dikhinjavol o naj paša jakhá,
angla svako kampina phabol e jag.
Sa bez bržin prasten the asan.
Ašunjavon e čemane,
sjetno bašalen e řomane ǧiljá.
Svako ko ašunel veselipé
the uživin ande lende
ali ni ǧanen kaj amen e Řomá
ande svako ǧili rová to ispoljí amarí tuga.
I von nikad ni ka ǧanen
kaj uživin ande amarí tuga.

Bosnian loanwords:

Svako: every
Sjetno: wistfully
Veselipé: merriment (Slav. vesel-)
Ispolji: express (S.c. ispoljiti "to manifest, evince")
Tuga: sorrow

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