Ann Griffiths: "Since I am corruptly fallen" (From Welsh)

The hymns of Ann Griffiths are among the more interesting literary specimens of feminine Christian mysticism. Taking the "Church as Bride of Christ" notion to both its logical conclusion and its literal extreme, Griffiths develops a conjugal love of Christ that manages to be sexual and yet not what one could call lustful. Many of Griffith's images and motifs are adopted from, or modified versions of, counterparts in the Song of Songs. 

"Since I am corruptly fallen"
A Hymn by Ann Griffiths
Translated by A.Z. Foreman
Click here to hear me recite the Welsh

Since I am corruptly fallen,
Straying from you constantly,
To ascend your sacred mountain
Is the right of rights for me.
There on high your veils are riven,
Every cover nullified,
There above all worldly nothings
Is your glory magnified.

Oh to drink on high forever
Where redemption's waters flow,
Drink until I thirst no longer
For the fading world below,
Live in wait for my Lord's coming,
Wakeful for the coming night
When I swiftly open to him
In his image, in his sight.

The Original:

Am fy mod i mor llygredig,
Ac ymadael ynddwy' i'n llawn,
Mae bod yn dy fynydd sanctaidd
Imi'n fraint oruchel iawn;
Lle mae'r llenni yn cael eu rhwygo,
Mae difa'r gorchudd yno o hyd,
A rhagoroldeb dy ogoniant
Ar ddarfodedig bethau'r byd.

O! am bara i uchel yfed
O ffrydiau'r iechydwriaeth fawr
Nes fy nghwbwl ddisychedu
Am ddarfodedig bethau'r llawr;
Byw dan ddisgwyl am fy Arglwydd,
Bod, pan ddĂȘl, yn effro iawn
I agoryd iddo'n ebrwydd
A mwynhau ei ddelw'n llawn.

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  1. One correction. Her book of hymns does not run to hundreds of pages. Only about 73 of her verses have survived, mainly preserved through oral tradition. See the Ann Griffiths Website at Cardiff University: