Samih Al-Qasim: So What If (From Arabic)

So What If
By Samih Al Qasim
Translated by A.Z. Foreman
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O my country, an earring left to swing
From the ear of the earth with no rest;
My country ...a woman whose thighs are spread
Wide by a wind from the West,
My country the raft's one oar,
My country the missing son!
Will you one day rise up in my breast?
Will you become a country... like the rest?

The Original:

سميح القاسم

وطني يا قرطاً يتأرجح
من أذن الكرة الأرضيّه
وطني..يا امرأة تفتح
فخذيها الريح الغربيه
وطني يا مجذاف القارب
وطني يا الولد الغائب
هل تنهض يوما ما فيا؟
هل تصبح وطنا...عاديّا؟

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