Omar Khayyam: "I want a book of poems..." (From Persian)

"I want a book of poems..."
Omar Khayyam
Translated by A.Z. Foreman
Click to hear me recite the original in Persian,

I want a book of poems, some red wine,
Some air to breathe, some bread on which to dine,
With you beside me in some empty ruin.
No Sultan's state will be as sweet as mine.

The Original:

تنگى مى لعل خواهم و ديوانى
سد رمقي بايد و نصف نانى
وانگه من و تو نشسته در و يرانى
خوشتر بود از مملكت سلطانى

Tungē may-i la'l xwāham o dīwānē
Sadd-i ramaqē bāyad o nisf-i nānē
W-āngah man o to nišasta dar wērānē
Xwaštar buwad az mamlakat-i sultānē.

Tajik Cyrillic:

тунге майи лаъл хоҳаму дивоне
садди рамақе бояду нисфи ноне
вонгаҳ ман у ту нишаста дар вайроне
хуштар бувад аз мамлакати султоне

Note: Yes, this is the one that became really famous in Edward Fitzgerald's translation as:
"A book of verses underneath the bough
A Jug of Wine, a loaf of bread and Thou
Beside me sitting in the wilderness.
O, wilderness were paradise enow."

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