Tuvia Rübner: Sunflower (From Hebrew)

By Tuvia Rübner
Translated by A.Z. Foreman

The wheel of fire without beginning
The wheel of fire without an end
The sword of flame forever spinning,
The dancing Cherub-wings that dart
Around a dark and faded eye,
Around a dark and muted heart.

The original:

טוביה ריבנר

גלגל האור ללא ראשית
גלגל האור ללא אחרית
חרב האש המתהפכת
כנפי כרובים במחולם
סביב עין אפלה, דועכת
סביב לב אפל ונאלם.


  1. I love the poem. I don't know Hebrew so I wouldn't know if the translation is good. But it's beautiful so it must be a good try. I saw this impressive man in a documentary by Malte Ludin ('2 oder 3 Dinge'), a son of a Nazi, who made a film about his father, who was involved at the highest level in the Holocaust and was sentenced to death shortly after the war and especially about the denial of some of his sisters about their father being a war criminal. Mr. Rübner appeared in that movie and had very interesting as well as very moving things to say.

  2. PS: If you need help with translations from texts in Dutch or in German; I'm a native speaker. Good luck with everything and your love for poetry and literature. They are indeed great treasures.