Hedd Wyn: Black Spot (From Welsh)

Black Spot
By Hedd Wyn (Ellis Evans)
Translated by A.Z. Foreman

We have no claim upon the stars
Nor the moon in homesick view,
Nor yet the clouds contoured in gold
Amid the unending blue.

We have no claim on anything save
This old earth's moldered fa├žade,
And the things that come apart in chaos
Amid the glory of God.

The Original:

Y Blotyn Du

Nid oes gennym hawl ar y ser,
Na'r lleuad hiraethus chwaith,
Na'r cwmwl o aur a ymylch
Yng nghanol y glesni maith.

Nid oes gennym hawl ar ddim byd,
Ond ar yr hen ddaear wyw;
A honno sy'n anhrefn i gyd
Yng nghanol gogoniant Duw


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