Vittorio Pasquale: Prisoner's Song (From Sinti)

Prisoner's Song
By Vittorio Mayer Pasquale
Translated by A.Z. Foreman

A bird is at my window 
in song. 
The heart in me is weeping
I spot a flower downed
in dirt
With two tears keeping it
Dear flower me and you  
are alike... 
Taken from the green field,
I'm dying.

The Original:

Ap mar fénstri
jek tíkno čírklo
Mur Herz an mánde
Hacjóm jek blúma
ab i čik...
Duj suá diénla
i džibén.
Me hom har du
o blúma...
Vri fon i víza
meráva !

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