Saadi: Golestan 1.11 (From Persian)

From the Golestan: Chapter 1, Story 11
By Sa'di
Translated by A.Z. Foreman

There appeared in Baghdad a dervish whose prayers always got answered, and Al-Hajjaj the Tyrant was informed. He sent for the dervish and said "pray for me." "O God" said the dervish "take this man's life." "Oh for God's sake" he said "what kind of prayer is that?" The dervish replied "it's a prayer for your own good, sire, and for everybody's good."

You with the upper hand
Who torment underlings,
How long do you suppose
You'll get your run of things? 
What is the point of you,
Your worldly sovereignty?
Better to put you out
Of people's misery.

Audio of me reciting the text in Persian

The Original:

درویشی مستجاب الدعوة در بغداد پدید آمد حجاج یوسف را خبر کردند بخواندش و گفت دعای خیری بر من کن.گفت خدایا جانش بستان. گفت از بهر خدای این چه دعاست. گفت این دعای خیرست ترا و جمله مسلمانان را

ای زبردست زیر دست آزار
گرم تا کی بماند این بازار
به چه کار آیدت جهانداری
مردنت به که مردم آزاری

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