Heinrich Heine: The Fisher Maiden (From German)

The Fisher Maiden
By Heinrich Heine
Translated by A.Z. Foreman

Beautiful fisher maiden,
Come, steer your boat to land.
Come here and sit down beside me,
We’ll dally, hand in hand.

Come, nestle your head on my heart now,
And don’t be afraid of me;
Just think of how bravely, daily
You trust in the savage sea.

My heart is like the waters
With storms and waves and tides,
And many a pearl of beauty
Upon its bed resides.

The Original:

Das Fischermädchen

Du schönes Fischermädchen,
Treibe den Kahn ans Land;
Komm zu mir und setze dich nieder,
Wir kosen Hand in Hand.

Leg an mein Herz dein Köpfchen
Und fürchte dich nicht zu sehr;
Vertraust du dich doch sorglos
Täglich dem wilden Meer.

Mein Herz gleicht ganz dem Meere,
Hat Sturm und Ebb' und Flut,
Und manche schöne Perle
In seiner Tiefe ruht.


  1. I hope you don't mind - I shared your translation with a photo of mine on G+ today.  Here is a link: https://plus.google.com/110258598415939907971/posts/U3ExSMt3BXe

    Are you on G+?

  2. Good translation dude, hope you don't mind I post another :)
    Beautiful fisher girl,
    drive your boat to land;
    come to me, and sit down,
    we'll dally hand in hand.

    Lay you head next to my heart,
    and don't be afraid;
    entrust yourself without care,
    daily the wild ocean!

    My heart is like the ocean,
    has storms, and eb and tide,
    and many a beautiful pearl,
    rests within its depths.


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