Herman Gorter: The Silent Road (From Dutch)

The Silent Road
By Herman Gorter
Translated by A.Z. Foreman

The silent road
The night's moonlightened road

The trees
The ever so silently aged trees
The water
The softly tautened sated water.

And there yonder afar, the sunken sky
With its great starry lie.

The Original:

De stille weg
Herman Gorter

De stille weg
de maannachtlichte weg –

de bomen
de zo stil oudgeworden bomen –
het water
het zachtbespannen tevreeƫ water.

En daar achter in 't ver de neergezonken hemel
met 't sterrengefemel.

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  1. Thank you so much for the translation, I'm very happy to see Gorter's work is translated.


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