Pablo Neruda: Love Poem XVI (From Spanish)

Love Poem XVI
By Pablo Neruda
Translated by A.Z. Foreman
Click to hear me recite the Spanish

You in my twilight sky are like a cloud,
Your color and your shape are as I love them
You are mine, you are mine, dear sweet-lipped woman.
My endless dreams live on within your life.

My soul's lamp pours its dyes upon your feet
Sweeter on your lips is my bittered wine:
Oh harvester who reaps my evensong,
My solitary dreams so feel you mine!

You're mine, you're mine, I shout it to the evening
breeze, and the wind is off with my widowed voice.
Huntress of my eyes' depths, your plundering
Holds your nocturnal glance back, water-like.

You are caught in my music's net, my dear
love, and my music's nets are heaven-wide.
My soul's born on the shore of your mourning eyes.
And in your mourning eyes begins the land of dreams.

The Original:

Poema de Amor VI
Pablo Neruda

En mi cielo a crepúsculo eres como una nube
y tu color y forma son como yo los quiero.
Eres mía, eres mía, mujer de labios dulces
y viven en tu vida mis infinitos sueños.

La lámpara de mi alma te sonrosa los pies,
el agrio vino mío es más dulce en tus labios:
oh segadora de mi canción de atardecer,
cómo te sienten mía mis sueños solitarios!

Eres mía, eres mía, voy gritando en la brisa
de la tarde, y el viento arrastra mi voz viuda.
Cazadora del fondo de mis ojos, tu robo
estanca como el agua tu mirada nocturna.

En la red de mi música estás presa, amor mío,
y mis redes de música son anchas como el cielo.
Mi alma nace a la orilla de tus ojos de luto.
En tus ojos de luto comienza el país del sueño.


  1. That is very beautiful.

    I'm releasing love sonnets I have created on a weekly basis with my new blog.

    Feel free to check it out.


  2. Interesting post... I can see that you put a lot of hard work on your blog. I'm sure I'd visit here more often. George from love poem.

  3. This would be Poema XVI?

  4. plablo
    Soy una persona fasinante de l;os poemas porque esde pequeno me gustava leer mucho los libros de Don Pablo Neruda ya que son muy fasinantes he ilustrativos para los jovenes y adultos ,.muy marilloso para los Enamorados  

  5. only thing is - this is poem 16 not poem 4. Check it out on YouTube

  6. You render the Spanish very beautifully into English.

    You mention this question a bit in your FAQ, but I was wondering why you chose to insert 'dear' in the third line of the poem. I do translations myself, so I'm always curious about other people's motivations behind specific choices like these.