Saadi: Golestan 1.10 (From Persian)

From the Golestan: Chapter 1, Story 10
By Saadi of Shiraz
Translated by A.Z. Foreman

I was in contemplative retreat at the tomb of John the Baptist (Peace Be Upon Him) in the Mosque at Damascus when one of the kings of the Arabs, notorious for injustice, happened to visit on pilgrimage. He said his prayers and invocations, and made a supplication.

Both rich and poor shall serve this dust indeed
The richest will be in the greatest need.  

Then he turned to me and said "Since you dervishes are known for your powerful spirits and true dealings, lend me your thoughts for the road. You see, I've got this powerful enemy that's worrying me."

I told him: deal mercifully with your weakest subjects, and the strongest enemy can never subject you.

It's wrong to maim  with mighty arms
The open fingers  of the feeble poor
Let him who lends  no hand to the fallen
Be felled, nor hope for another's aid.  
Who sows sick seed  yet seeks good fruit
Is a baldfaced fool  with spit for brains. 
Unplug your ears  give people justice
Be just or face  your Judgment Day. 
 Humans are limbs of one totality, 
 Since all were formed of one identity.  
 If any limb is harmed by fate's caprice 
 None of the rest have any rest or peace. 
 If others' suffering does not pain you too, 
 Then "human" is too good a name for you. 

The Original:

بر بالين تربت يحيي پيغامبر عليه السلام معتکف بودم در جامع دمشق که يکي از ملوک عرب که به بي انصافي منسوب بود، اتفاقا بزيارت آمد و نماز و دعا کرد و حاجت خواست

درويش و غني بنده اين خاک درند
وآنان که غني ترند محتاج ترند

آنگه مرا گفت از آنجا که همت درويشانست و صدق معاملت ايشان خاطري همراه من کنيد که از دشمني صعب انديشه ناکم، گفتمش بر رعيت ضعيف رحمت کن تا از دشمن قوي زحمت نبيني

ببازوان توانا و قوت سردست
خطاست پنجه مسکين ناتوان بشکست
نترسد آنکه بر افتادگان نبخشايد
که گر ز پاي درآيد کسش نگيرد دست
هر آنکه تخم بدي کشت و چشم نيکي داشت
دماغ بيهده پخت و خيال باطل بست
ز گوش پنبه برون آرو داد خلق بده
و گر تو ميندهي داد روز دادي هست
بني آدم اعضاي يکديگرند
که در آفرينش ز يک گوهرند
چو عضوي بدرد آورد روزگار
دگر عضوها را نماند قرار
تو کز محنت ديگران بيغمي
نشايد که نامت نهند آدمي

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